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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Losing count

I think this may be pair 6 completed for March - It's Lorna's Laces in Iris Garden colourway, this yarn has a very silky feel when I was working with it, I like this colour too, it's not flashed or pooled too much despite me not knitting standard dimension socks.

I have been planning for some time doing soem two colour knitting using a plain and a variegated yarn, I've decided to explore this book as a source of patterns suitable for adaptation.

One of my toy sheep admiring the colour plates in the new book, I've not had the brainpower yet to study the patterns but I'm anticipating that as I recover from this last lurgy my brain may start to work properly again!

My box of left over sock wool, ultimately I'll be making stripey socks from these, or passing them on to a friend! Because I knit ankle socks I get plenty left from most skeins to add to other remnants and eventually get colour mixes that work together.

Colin, thanks for your kind comments about my socks, they are my current obsession and giving me a great deal of pleasure both in the making and the warm feet!


Blogger Melissa said...

You've been a busy little sock knitter!

8:57 pm GMT  

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