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Friday, March 24, 2006

Tiger foot rather than feet!

I finished the first tiger - finally, now I need to post it to my friend to find out if it fits before I make sock 2, although as I have loads of this Opal yarn I may just start making another as if it doesn't fit her it will fit me!
This was a good start to the day before I went to see my Dr who informed me that I had an eye infection, an ear infection, a chest infection and incipiant tonsilitis! I don't suppose it will be any surprise to you that I won't be back in work for at least another week!

I'm now going for a record number of orphans by trying to finish all the odd ones on my needles before finishing theri mates so now we are 10 so far!

This colourway is coming out nicely, Aztec Coffee I think from memory, I'm onto the foot now so should finish it tomorrow although my prioirity is to move books off a bookshelf so we can get a new settee into the flat. I found the new on on Ebay just in time as my old second hand one is in the process of wheezing and collapsing (a bit like it's owner). My brother is very kindly collecting teh new one and dropping the old one off at the local tip for me tomorrow afternoon, so knitting will be taking a back seat tomorrow.


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