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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Of hats, socks and spring!

First things first, I don't know if anyone out there can help me. If you watch Last of the Summer Wine you'll know that Compo always wore a disreputable old woolly hat. While I've been sick I've been watching my DVD's of series 1-4, in 1 and 2 he wore a green hat with a simple rib pattern but in 3 and 4 he wore another green hat with what looks like a complicated Arran pattern on it, I've been looking around online to find a decent still picture or even a pattern - does anyone have any ideas at all? This picture is of a later hat with a straightforward cable!

The latest orphan sock, Koigu P139, I do like knitting with Koigu and keep looking to find a US or Canadian webshop that sells to the UK without bankrupting me! The selection of colours taht I can get here is very small compared to what is actually available.

I had hoped to finish these two socks this month, I may still finish the lavender stone shade on the left, but I'm having doubts that I will have enough to make the other pair of socks completely in that yarn, I've reached where I should start the heel flap and put it on one side as I don't have anything in my oddments that will work with it at the moment.

This is where having 10 socks started comes into it's own, instead of sulking over being stalled on one sock I've picked up the next, Cherry Tree Hill Champlaign Sunset, I've reached the instep gusset and it's growing nice and quickly although I'm not sure if I like this colour as much as I did in the picture when I bought it!!

This is my acer - just starting to produce leaf buds, I'm pleased it survived teh winter in a planter, although I did have to move it to a more sheltered position last year as it was suffering from too much of a draft - I hadn't realised quite how sheltered a spot it would need when I bought it.

The new crocus builbs I planted last autumn are doing well, as are the daffodils that I planted, and the miniature daffodils that I photographed on the 11th are still in full bloom. That cheers me up, and I'm starting to feel much better as well which helps, I stil sleep a lot and tire quickly, but I'm even planning on seed planting indoors this weekend if I can!
It's definitely spring time here, soon be hayfever season too! It is such a pleasure to be able to have the windows open again most of the time and to see at least occasional sunshine, my light box helps my SAD but real sunlight is always preferrable.


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The sock and the flowers look great. Good job!

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