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Monday, March 27, 2006

5th pair for March

The Jumgle Poppy colourway is finished, despite me sitting down in front of the TV last night at around 8 pm and waking up stil sat there at 3am today - I think yesterday I slept about 18 hours out of the 24 if not more. I'm feeling a bit better today, I have at least stayed awake for most of it, but I'm running out of steam now and coughing incessantly.

These cheered me up on a dull grey day, I'm experimenting with buying yarn from outside the UK to see how economic it can be. I'm delighted with this selection that came from Little Knits, we have Key Lime Pie and Purple Passion in the potluck Cherry Tree HIll and Crazy Stripes from Lorna's Laces, it arrived very quickly, I still need to work out what it cost me in total as they shipped it for less than they had estimated.

This is from Germany, bought on Ebay, I'm having a pink phase in sock yarn, brought about originally by trying to find a replacement for the skein I passed on to a needy knitter, I keep finding more pink sock yarn that I like. These are wild rose and candy and are from silkandmore, very speedy supply, I am NOT going to let myself testknit these for oooh, at least a few hours, I'll report back!

And a final very dull picture of the new settee, I finally got organised enough to photograph it before I decide what to drape over to protect it's rather too light colouring! Now I'm off to have a nap in the hopes that I wake up by 7.30 to talk to beloved, I haven't found the instructions for the alarm clock since the clocks changed at the weekend and I can't remember how to set the alarm anyway so I'm reliant on waking up at random!


Blogger Melissa said...

I love the key lime! The pink looks luciously soft. I'm jealous!

4:36 pm GMT  
Blogger colin said...

Your socks and yarns are fabulous.

10:29 pm GMT  

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