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Thursday, March 02, 2006

We have a pair!

First the whining!
It's been a pretty lousy week, I desperately need it to be spring and quickly! Today it had snowed over night and although there wasn't much snow it was bitterly cold, my bus didn't bother starting from where it should so I waited an extra 20 minutes before the next one deigned to turn up, it always starts the working day off badly! I'm having to do some introspection at the moment and it's proving painful and is leading to some difficult decisions I suspect, it isn't an ideal tiem of year for me to be doing all this deep and meaningful thinking as I get very miserable in winter even with a lightbox my SAD symptoms are multiplying now.

I am however plodding on with the knitting and have a pair of socks to show for it. I like this colourway - Cherry Tree Hill, Green Mountain Madness I love the intensity of the colour and I'm curious to see if they fade when washed as I've heard mention that this can be a problem! I'm off to bed with a book of Sudoku puzzles as its another cold night and I'm resisting putting any heating on - I love my new insulation, I haven't had to turn the heating on for several weeks, it makes me feel very frugal even on days when I've been enhancing my stash!


Blogger littlelixie said...

That looks like the colourway I'm knitting at the moment but the dye has come off on my hands! I've been exchanging emails with the maker and they're trying to work out what has happened. Another pair have faded badly. Just don't wash them first time with anything light coloured!

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