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Monday, February 20, 2006

Spring is sprung

Here is something I planted last autumn, I wish I could tell you waht it is, but I haven't the faintest idea beyond it being a bulb! It is in fact the second one to flower but the first one where I've had daylight access to photograph it. I seem to have had no success with the snowdrops bulbs I planted so will add more this autumn.

Thanks to the insanity of the post office these arrived today, they have sat at the Post Office since Saturday because 'they didn't have a van driver' which was why my redelivery didn't happen either. These poor things have been in an unheated sorting office while the outside temperature was distinctly frosty, they were then attached underneath a heavy box with tight elastic bands and dumped in my neighbour's very warm hallway, they have very little hope of survival! The nice plant people are sending new ones! They should be Heuchera Palace Purple rather than depressed dead brown!

Sock wool always cheers me up fortunately and this is delightful, soft merino, my favourite for comforting 'happy' socks.

This is for my planned play with felting attempt, I haven't yet decided what I want to make but this will be a part of it at least. The cable tunic is slowly being seamed, I hope to have it for dispaly purposes by Wednesday, but no picture tonight as it still looks pretty tatty with lots of loose ends.

Here is sock 4 for the challenge, one more to go, but I've miscounted my decreases on the heel gusset and am trying vainly to see where I went wrong, hopefully it will speed up tomorrow.


Blogger Sue said...

Your blue flower looks like a Dutch Iris to me. At least, that's what we call them in Australia! They may well be called something else here.

D*** Royal Mail for killing your plants. You'd think they'd be slightly better at performing, well, the one and only thing they are expected to do - deliver post!

8:26 pm GMT  
Blogger ambermoggie said...

gorgeous sock wool where is it from?

9:11 pm GMT  
Blogger Wye Sue said...

Flower is an iris as Sue said. Other plants should survive - pull off all the brown bits and try and plant them outside, they probably dont want to be too hot either...
Sock wool looks brill :-)

1:32 am GMT  

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