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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Baby it's cold outside!

Whilst I realise that here in Manchester in the UK it isn't that cold I'm getting a little tired of spending time out in the cold when I should be safely indoors. Yesterday I waited 30 minutes in a queue for a cab home with my shopping, this morning the powers that be where I work had a fire drill, more time out in the cold. Coming home tonight my bus was late and I spent another 20 minutes out in the cold! I'm pleased to be able to report that my feet didn't get even remotely chilly in my hand knitted socks, if only I'd finished this jacket as well! This is what the bright pink will eventually become, I'm slogging my way very slowly up the left front, anotehr few cms and I get to do armhole shaping which will make me feel better, I still have what seems like miles to do on the back though!

This is the limited progress on two partners for single socks, I'm hoping the green mountain madness will be finished this week, the Opal carnival is irritating me, I'd thouhgt I'd manage a real pair of identical twins but the yarn isn't died precisely enough, it may turn out close, but it won't be a match.
In other news, I just bought a new phone for the flat, my current one no longer holds a charge and the number 2 doesn't work, not really practical when my Mum's phone number needs 2 of them! Now I learn patience while the handsets (got 2 so hopefully the buttons may last longer) are charging for the first time. Maybe tomorrow I'll be back in touch with the world, I don't see my mum ever joining the computer age so I need the phone.


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I like the socks...very nice colors

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