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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Resurrecting WIP's

I've dug this out today whilst I was catalogueing my sock yarn from yesterday. It's a long length jacket in a very vivid pink that I started last year, I've found the pattern, the needles and the rest of the yarn and even knitted 5 rows of the back so far.

The front of the jacket might prove to be bus knitting although I do still plan on doing socks on the bus in order to make the mates of all my lonely orphan socks.

I want to progress this as well, but can't find the pattern at the moment, although I could carry on with it regardless as it's made to the pattern of my aqua jumper and I know it doesn't need any shaping for ages yet!

It's been cold here today but I did get into the garden to do some clearing up - old leaves and paper blow into our garden whenever the wind is high. I'll have to get out there and do more work soon, but it was too cold to stay outside for long.


Blogger ambermoggie said...

you could maybe do to get them finished as its been so cold there today:) Its been trying to snow here in Lancashire and its perishing

4:44 pm GMT  

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