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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The leaning tower of socks

Here is sock 5!! I admit I have a few ends still to sew in to have them all completed but I have Friday off work so they will be done then.
Thanks to those of you who say the blue flower looks like a dwarf iris, you've confirmed my suspicions. The half dead plants had an over night soak in a sink of cold water and are possinly looking slightly les sdead, that may be wishful thinking though. I'm going to keep them as cool as possible - I don't use heating in the flat and I'll keep them in good light but no direct sun until I can see if they survive at which point they'll be acclimitised to outdoors.

A pile of 5 socks as planned to top up my Olympic endeavours, they look good I think! Very colourful at least. Ambermoggie the sock yarn in my last entry was from Colourspun Yarns on eBay, at present she only has cashmere sock yarn and I refuse to let myself try cashmere, my tastes are expensive enough already!

My current stack of odd socks, guess what I will be doing in March?? Before that however I'll be knitting another cable and rib tunic! I tried the almost sewn up Olympic tunic on my neighbour's granddaughter and it very nearly fit her. Bear in mind that granddaughter is 6 next month and I just made a tunic intended for a 1 year old I am rather startled. I know Debbie Bliss patterns are sometimes reputed to be generously sized and granddaughter is tiny, the combination means that all I need to do is make the body about 3 inches longer and te sleeves about the same and it will fit her. She is 6 on (I think) March 8th so I seem to have found myself another rush job to do. Ths Olympic tunic has one sleeve seam to do and a few odd ends to weave in so you'll see that tomorrow and I can hand it over on Thursday.

Incidentally to all those people who find my blog searching on Patons Funky Chunky, I bought mine ages ago and I haven't located any more in the last few months. I'm even less help to the person on an Iranian ISP who was searching for 'pictures of sex with my sister' I'm afraid I don't know his/her sister as far as I know!


Blogger Lynne said...

OMG, Rachel, so many socks! All so pretty!
Thanks for the tip about the wool needles - I lose my stitch markers as well. lOL

6:54 am GMT  

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