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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Socks, yarn and more yarn!

I've been at my friend's house today, reinstalling Windows XP and being well fed by him and his mother, I live in dread of him learning to mend his computer without assistance as he and his mum are both excellent cooks. I always enjoy visiting them as they make me feel so at home. We've been planning on meeting up for ages - since before Christmas and finally exchanged gifts today!
I got plenty of knitting done while Windows ground it's way through the installation, so the Koigu sock is past the heel, the second Green Mountain Madness is on the cuff, and the bicolour Opal Magic that I'm experimenting with is on the leg. This means I'm creating 2 more odd socks here, but the Green Mountain Madness one is at least the mate of one of the February orphans!
I can't remember who suggested photographing stash, to be honest it would take too much time for me to search out all the yarn I have tucked away, but I want to catalogue and sort my sock yarn, so I present for your delight two pictures of most of the sock yarn, what is missing is the yarn that belongs with pairs that I've started making. This picture is the hand painted/dyed yarn, some Curious Yarns, some Cherry Tree Hill, Lorna's Laces, Fyberspates and assorted other yarn bought on eBay.

This is mostly Opal, some Regia and some that I got from Texere. Bearing in mind that I get a pair of socks from every 100g of yarn this is enough to make 86 pairs of socks minimum. I hadn't really realised until I put it all together in one place quite how much I had, I think I may be looking at knitting socks as gifts for next Christmas!


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Oooh all that yarn looks SO yummy!

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