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Monday, February 27, 2006

Reviewing February early!

Today's sock, this is Koigu, the first time I've used it, I don't have anymore than the yarn for it's mate in my stash so unless the knitting fairy appears with some it will be some time before I make more than this pair in this make of yarn. I really can't justify buying any more sock yarn this year really!

I'm doing my review of February today as I won't be finishing anything else this month. By my reckoning I finished 10 socks, 9 odd ones and a mate for one of January's and the cable and rib tunic. I've also done about a foot of the Irish Walking scarf in Debbie Bliss cashmerino arran with a vague plan that it will be a Christmas gift!.My plan for March is to carry on with the socks, making the partners for all my orphans and get a move on with the bright pink jacket, teh red shrug and the Irish Walking scarf, I don't expect to finish any of those, but I'd like to be able to show some progress and at least 5 more pairs of socks by the end of March!

These were my Christmas present from my friend that I finally did Christmas with at the weekend, I've thoroughly enjoyed myself reacquainting myself with music that I haven't had in my possession for a number of years, It's a verygood thing that CD's don't wear out when you repeat play them over and over again!


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