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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fanfare please!

Having looked at the TV schedules for the weekend I realise that I have finished even earlier than I thought, the closing ceremony isn't until Sunday! Here we have the cable and rib tunic that I originally planned for my Olympic challenge, yesterday you saw the 5 odd socks that I produced in addition to that. I'm now contemplating reknitting the top in the same yarn - boring, or waiting until some 'fruit salad' colourway arrives to make one for the granddaughter of downstairs neighbour. I don't want to fall into the trap of making it for her birthday as that would set a precedent I couldn't keep up with, so I think I'll wait for the fruit salad colour. I will eventually make the other lilac jumper as it is bound to come in handy for some child or other!

I won't be posting tomorrow as beloved is here but will return on Friday with no doubt more pictures of half knitted odd socks.

Incidentally I left a tip on Lynne's blog that others may find useful. I kept losing my sewing up needles, I now leave the last bit of yarn in them, knot it onto a loop and string them on a kilt pin along with my expensive stitch markers. The whole lot goes in a small lidded plastic box that lives in my knitting tray of socks! As I use my stitchmarkers almost daily with the sock production line I never mislay that box for long and I always have a needle to graft my toes.

Good luck to all the rest of the Olympic knitters out there, enjoy your challenges - and for the love of life, don't forget to eat and sleep sometimes!!!!


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