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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Stash sorting and an FO

Here we have the second stage of my stash reorganisation, astute readers may spot that this used to be my airing cupboard, since the council put more insulation on the hot water tank it no longer has any apreciable warmth in it so I decided that it would be a very handy yarn store, especially since my partner installed a sturdy shelf above the cupboard in the bottom of it.

Here we have my laceweight yarn, in two parts, this is a mixture but mostly bought on eBay.

And this is the rest of the laceweight, all Ukrainian 100% wool if I've deciphered the labels correctly, I have plans for doing more lce knitting once I've finished the Pacific Northwest shawl, I want to get on with that again, but I have to get the next pattern established and that takes time and concentration.

I'm stash sorting in sections, here we have my cotton yarn with the exception of 3 cones of cotton arran weight in a dark magenta/maroon that I can't find at present! I haven't done much cotton knitting but I enjoye d the cable tunic so I have here the yarn for 3 more and a couple more projects besides!

The finished Paton's funky chunky sweater, a pain in the rear to sew together because the yarn wears through as you sew with it and suddenly snaps. It is wonderfuly snuggly and comfy, a definite comfort sweater and I have sufficient yarn left over for a scarf, as I suspected the forecast for this week is much warmer now I have a woolly jumper, if I finish the scarf we should get a heatwave!


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Oooooh, your cupboard looks very inviting!! And just love that chocolate lime yarn :))

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