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Friday, March 03, 2006

A bowl of beauty

This week's bowl of sock yarn, each week I top up the bowl for future socks then sit and gloat over the pretty colours and imagine the socks and the happy feet!
This week has ben bitterly cold and I haven't had chilly feet once!! Even better I wore my Green Mountain Madness socks today and I'm happy to report that my feet aren't blue! In fact, Alex I didn't get any dye come off on my hands whiel I worked with it, I don't know if that means I've been lucky or that you've been unlucky!! I'll try hand washing them tomorrow and report back, I never machine wash my hand knit socks so I won't try that!

This is my attempt at artistic use of spare Opal, in a fit of whimsy I'm calling this raspberrry truffle because it reminds me of those particularly sickly ersatz raspberry flavoured chocolate flavoured coating covered sweets you used to get in Pick'n'Mix selections.
I'm quite pleased with how it's turning out although I recognise I have no hope at all of getting an even slightly similar twin sock.

We have a slight covering of snow on teh ground which lets me off gardening this weekend I think so I may achieve more yarn sorting and catalogueing, or I may just decide that snow on the ground requires me to finish a thick sweater or a hat or more socks - any excuse!!


Blogger Lynne said...

Love the bowl of yarn. Wow - you get snow? Totally foreign concept to me. 8-) As for SAD, it doesn't happen much where I live, and even someone who got sad after moving half a world from her family (ie from the US to here) didn't get SAD in winter. Have to say though at this time of year, I get a bit loopy cos the sunsets race backwards - 20-odd minutes in the last week... so not long for you now before spring comes!

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