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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

10 part knitted socks

Both of these are potential orphans, Ruth, I love knitting my odd socks, I never get bored and so far I have only failed to complete one mate and that was because I hated the feel of the finished sock even after washing, I plan on frogging it and either reusing the yarn or disposing of it. I'm debating putting any yarn like that on one side in case I ever get around to playing with my little lap loom. The left hand sock is Fortissima Mexiko - Parrot and that on the right is Opal Rainforest Tiger - teh Tiger socks are promised to a friend so I must crack on with them. These two are the most nearly finished of my collection.

This is the next 3 in order of completeness, on the left is 'Aztec coffee' from The Natural Dye Studio, on the right is Lorna's Laces Iris Garden - this is a mate of a finished sock, at the front is Fyberspates lavender stone, two out of 3 are potential orphans.

Now we have at teh back from left to right, Cherry Tree Hill, Champlaign sunset, I'm not sure if I like this colourway, more Natural Dye Studio, Jungle Poppy, another mate for a current orphan and an orphan Koigu sock, P139 and another orphan in prgress.
At the front are two mates for current orphans, my cream and blue and orange streaky yarn, this will not make an identical pair and I don't care! The other yarn is more from the Natural Dye Studio, Incan Ocean, once all the socks on the needles are finished I only have 2 more socks to make with yarn from there, she hasn't had much luxury merino yarn for sale lately and I've been buying all sorts of other sock yarn!
So, I have 10 socks on the needles, 4 will make partners for lonely orphans and 6 will make new orphans, it stops me getting bored and means whatever mood I'm in I have a sock in progress to get on with.
On the health front, my right eye is still watering and my I'm almost totally deaf in my left ear while I cough and sneeze spasmodically , I'm hanging on until I see my Dr on Friday in the hopes that it will cure itself!


Blogger colin said...

I particularly like the one in the top phot on the right, tho I do like them all.
I use the 2 circs method but can see you use the traditonal dpns. i tried and couldn't do it!

10:33 pm GMT  

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