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Thursday, March 23, 2006

A parrot sock

Another completed sock, quite possibly the brightest one I've made so far. It's been added to the pile of orphans, currently standing at 9!

I have got mates for 4 of them currently on my needles and expect to finish at least one this month to meet my target of 5 new pairs finished in March. This despite the fact that I keep falling asleep mid stitch and having to pick up dropped stitches every time I wake up!

This was today's sock, heel turned and gusset being worked. The rest of the day I mostly slept or did vague tidying up type things
Tomorrow I see my Doctor to debate the merits of flu jabs, I've had them the last two winters and been ill all winter both times.


Anonymous Lisa said...

Love your socks, but then I'm a fellow sock addict, too.

I also used to get sick every year after I'd had the flu shots given by my workplace. I stopped getting them when I decided to stay home full-time, and since I've only gotten the flu once. That's in almost 9 years. I blame my sister for that, though, as she infected us over Christmas that year. LOL

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