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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Achieving - nothing

We have here a picture of a sock that looks exactly like it did last night, it has however at one stage reached the gusset before I discovered I'd dropped a stitch on the heel flap and also uncentred the heel shapingh and frogged the lot. I rarely make mistakes on socks nowdays when I'm just doing the basic top down sock so I feel that deciding I wasn't fit to travel is a good move. I'm stil deaf in one ear and both eyes are mostly running and glued half shut, I have an appointment booked with my Dr for Friday but I'm going to see if I can see her tomorrow as I may have picked up conjunctivitis as well as everything else.

I have patiently unpicked a whole load of the tangled skein from the weekend, I have reasonable hopes of saving it all in time, I've fallen asleep whilst watching Planet Earth that I recorded at the weekend, in fact I'm dozing off at the drop of a hat at the moment.

On a positive note, this arrived this morning, Socks that Rock - I've been longing to try this for ages and Mandella ordered this for me to replace the Bright Sugars I sent her to finish her Ene's Scarf. It looks lovely and feels great - thanks ever so much!


Blogger Mandella said...

Now I wish I'd ordered some of that Socks That Rock for myself too. I'm glad you like it.

8:03 pm GMT  

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