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Monday, March 20, 2006

Sneezing ever onwards

It's just as well you can't see what I look like today, the cold/flue thing is really biting, I'm close to deaf in both ears, my nose is running and so is one eye that is now glued shut. Rather than look at that you might like to see some bright coloured legs of socks.

Another pair of socks finished, that's 4 this month and a total of 12 stacked in my sock drawer, it may be the first day of spring, but it's wintry enough that a drawer full of warm socks makes me feel happy!


Blogger CraftyPerson said...

Oh you naughty girl with all those orphan socks! I just jealous that you have the daring to start more and more socks without finishing the partners.
What an exciting life you lead - you daredevil!


11:20 pm GMT  

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