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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weaving a tangled web?

As I was still feeling decidedly ropey today and not really in the mood for knitting I decided to wind a skein of Winterberry Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn into a ball, as you can see from this mess I couln't have done much worse had I borrowed several kittens to assist me!I abandoned the concept of skein winding and reverted to knitting!

My first pair of Koigu socks is done, I seem to remember saying I wanted to finish 5 more pairs of socks this month, this is pair number 3. I did enjoy knitting with the Koigu, I'll let you know if I enjoy wearing the socks!

Although I wanted to start the Regia neon yarn that came yesterday I resisted the temptation, I did however start the Fortisima Mexiko yarn (colourway Parrot)just to see how it turns out!
The other sock is the second 'limeade' one, I should get that finished this week, which allows me another week to compete a final mate and reach my target of finishing 5 pairs of socks this month.


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