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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Of smooth buses and easy knitting

On the days when the buses I catch are driven by men in control of their tempers I can get a lot of sock knitted. On the days when they learnt their driving at the school of Jehu I cling to my seat like grim death and cease knitting for fear I stab someone by accident as we hurtle over a speed bump. Today was an average day, the jungle poppy sock grew half a heel flap, gained a heel and it's gussets.

As I really can't pick up stitches on the bus I also got this one moving a little, as you can see, I'm still trying with the bamboo needles but I'm not finding them any nicer to knit with and I may give up soon.

I do at least know when to quit, for 3 mornings this week I've watched a man get on the bus with one glove on and one off so he can pay the driver, he then replaces the missing glove, he then struggles to pick up a free newspaper (bear in mind these gloves are thick leather, not thin and supple hide) he then proceeds to struggle mightily to open the paper and turn it's pages, it makes me tired just watching him!

I'm out tomorrow so I'll update the socks on Friday, and possibly even have a sweater sleeve to show as I've very nearly finished one off.


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