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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yarning on about socks

Bless my mother who nobly sloogged over to see me bringing groceries, tissues and cold medication for me, she also brought me this plant, it's a lovely cheerful colour.
I'm feeling pretty rubbish, this is definitely a fluey cold, I spent last night aching and shivering and feeling very sorry for myself.

The next finished sock, yet another orphan I'm afraid, I really must get a move on with some of their partners! The Jungle Poppy colourway came from The Natural Dye Studio, she apparently only ever does a kilo of any colourway and I bought this some time back so I doubt if you'd find any around. It's her luxury merino yarn, I don't like her Australian sock yarn, I find it scratchy even after washing, I made one sock and never bothered with it's mate, but I do tend to be picky and I did only try it once.

If any of you had met my uncle, you'll appreciate whyI had to buy the yarn on the left - according to family legend he always wore Day-Glo socks!!
They shouldn't be next on my to start list but I suspect I may have to! I have a feeling they'd be good in something like Jaywalkers but I have been reading that it knits up as quite a 'tight' pattern which wouldn't be ideal for my chubby ankles, so I'm going to have to look elsewhere. If anyone has any suggestions I'll be grateful.

I bought this because it's pretty, no other reason at all!
On the subject of bus knitting, I'm surprised I can do it as I always got terribly travel sick on buses and in cars, I suspect that in part I can knit because I don't look at the knitting very often, generally only at each change of needle with socks and at the beginning of each row on scarves. I generally travel with acquaintances thet I chat to as well, that helps distract me from the journey too. I'm fine knitting on most trains too, if I'm recovered in time I'm off to Galsgow by train on Tuesday and plan on taking socks and lace with me, socks for the journey and lace for in my room Tuesday evening. Please note that in true knitter style I've planned what knittng I'm taking with me when I have no idea what clothes i'm taking!


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