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Saturday, February 04, 2006

What's in a name?

There are advantages to having anywhere up to 10 socks sat at various stages of knitting, You jog along for a week or so with no apparent progress then get to post pictures of 4 completed socks in a week! We have here from left to right, one completed Opal carnival sock, I'm still not happy with the heel but it will do, I'm going to cast on its mate tonight, with a sock I'm not keen on I have to do it at once or never do it! Next we have Fyberspates seascape - a lovely colourway, I'm rarely keen on greens but this is nice. Last but not least is the merino I was given as a freebie - I like the zigzag, it doesn't happen on the heel, but I think will return on the foot.

The tiger sock has reached the end of the heel flap, I like it plain, but having seen blueadt's Jaywalker I'm definitely going to make a pair in that pattern. The blue/green yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in green mountain madness. The other two are merino from eBay, limeade and Mayan Jazz, how do people dream up such names for yarn??

This is the second of the fruit salad colourway socks and the start of Incan Ocean - you see what I mean about names?

Today was going well, until I tried to watch a video of a programme I taped last night - 20 minutes in the picture vanished and the sound remained, rewind it and the pictures that were there are gone, so it looks as if I know where my back pay i sgoing!


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