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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Foxgloves - at last

May I present the foxglove socks, finished this evening so that I can wear them tomorrow - all my others are drying, I handwash all my hand made socks regardless of what the yarn says, I buy all different sorts and I will NEVER remember which can be machine washed and which not, so they all get hand washed, blotted between towels then air dried.

Melissa, don't be scared of socks, this is my 8th pair now, all done cuff down because that was the free pattern I got from the retailer I bought my Opal yarn from. I use DPN's because I like them and I get lots of compliments from people who see me with them on the bus so it's good for my ego too! I'd recommend starting out with a yarn you like, but not too much and just follow a pattern, just believe what it says and see what happens. When I first tried to read and understand my pattern I was totally thrown by it and left it for weeks. Then I decided to follow it blindly and by the time I reached the foot I grokked what it was about, finished one sock then felt able to adapt the pattern and start a new pair that would fit me.

There'll be no post Thursday, my beloved will be here but I'll be back Friday, no doubt with more bits of sock, I looked back at my plans for January, I think we'll find I've exceeded on the sock front and totally failed on everything else, but I do have this weekend to try and rectify that!


Blogger susoolu said...

You are right - the foxglove does knit up beautifully. Not surprised you got more skeins! (Now, if only I were as prolific in my sock knitting as you....)

11:21 am GMT  

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