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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Planned versus achieved

So, for January into the rotation went the following:-
1) red shrug - about 10 rows got done
2) gloves for big brother - no progress at all
3) lilac clapotis - finished, and I've an offer from an expert to overdye it
4) pink funky fur baby jacket with hood - not touched
5) Socks in general, the following in particular,
Fyberspates wild foxglove - done
merino in sugar plum - done
Opal pink sugared almond - done
Opal limited edition variegated in all the colours of the rainbow - not finished but I'm on the foot of sock
Australian sock wool in heather colour - 1 made and abandoned as too scratchy

I also managed to finish the brown/cream/blue opal socks, swatched for the cable and rib tunic and made a foot of a cabled scarf, I suspect my plans had been over ambitious, and I'm happy that I've made progress. I have one more sock waiting to have its toe Kitchenered, but I'm saving it to use as a demonstration model tomorow for my colleague and I finished a merino sock in 'fruit salad' colour.

February's plans are focussed on the cable and rib tunic with any socks I get finished seen as a bonus, I'd like to finish another 2 or 3 pairs and get the scarf a bit further along. That loosk a bit more realistic than January's plans were!


Blogger Lynne said...

Golly, your output for January is pretty good, I reckon!
I am still amazed that Australian sock yarn could be rough cos I have a LOT of difficulty getting anything other than merino or polwarth to spin.
And the clap will be so much fun to dye! Be warned that some silks smell like very wet dog when they are dyed, but gee it will dye so nicely!

11:40 am GMT  

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