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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Disappointment and a FO

You'll be able to see why I'm disappointed - look at the bottom left hand corner of my finished clapotis! When I wound the skeins into balls that didn't show, and I didn't see it last night when I joined in the final ball, in fact if you look closely at the top right hand side there's another change in shade from the first to the second ball. If I remember correctly this came as 2 skeins, but the silk snapped several times when I was winding it and I must have got them in the wrong orderwhen knitting, medium first, light next and darkest last. They were all bought last year as the same shade at the same time from Hipknits, and there's no apparent variegation in the yarn as you knit with it. The only I thing I can think to do is to try washing it and see if any colour comes out and if it evens out, and after that try over dying it, but I've never tried dying anything and am very wary of it.

Being throughly fed up with it, my first major FO this year and I'm not gonna be wearing it any time soon that I went back to my lace and reached 46 rows and I think 93 stitches, it's still going well but slowly. I shall return to my obsessive sock knitting for the next week, see if I can get another pair finished as I know they work!


Blogger littlelixie said...

Commiserations xx It still looks divine though.

4:49 pm GMT  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

It looks good, but I do see what you mean about the changing of colour, so you could always try to dye it? The worst that will happen is it looks really bad, the best that could happen is you straighten out the colour? Seems a shame to have knitted it then not be happy!

6:27 pm GMT  
Blogger Kathleen said...

Oh, my heart just sank for you when I saw that bottom left corner. :( I vote for washing it and overdyeing it, it's too pretty not to try and salvage it.

2:44 am GMT  

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