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Friday, February 03, 2006

Lace and socks

Lace progress is minimal, I thought I was nearere the end of teh seagulss than I am, I've done 62 rows now, there is an error at the mid pointabout 8 rows ago, I know what happened, the centre marker slipped under a yarn over in a row with no pattern hardly so I didn't pick up on it, it's back in the right place now and I'm honest enough to admit that if I try to drop it back and fix it I'll be back to the beginning as I've no lifelines in place and am not experienced enough to fix it, it will just have to stay!
This is about 1/8th of the shawl's main section or so my spreadsheet tells me!

The next sock to be finished, it's a variegated Opal if I remember correctly, it's turned out nicer than I expected it too when the skeins arrived, I plan a plain pair and possibly once I start trying the Jaywalker pattern it may suit that. Because I only knit short ankle socks 100g of yarn is almost enough for 2 pairs of socks for me, I have 200g of this so that's possibly 3 pairs which gives me the chance to experiment with different patterns. All my other started socks have progressed today even though I went shopping this morning - groceries and garden seeds not knitting related for once!

Recapping this week, I've finished 3 socks in various quite bright hues, teh right hand one is well on its way to having a mate as well, I'm already on the gusset decreases so I may just get one more pair of socks made before the Olympic's begin.
Now, I'm off to watch folk music programmes on BBC4 - TV to knit by!


Blogger ra said...

Nice socks!

DO go for the Jaywalkers, I'm half way through my first and I'm loving it. I love the pattern and I absolutely ADORE the yarn; Cherry Tree Hill, mmmmm! (First time)

I knit my socks very short too, think it's cos I get bored with the cuff and want to get to the interesting bit. I made a concious effort to knit these a bit longer.

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