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Thursday, February 16, 2006

We have a sleeve!

Here we have a sleeve, and one with shaping everywhere there should be, not only that I have clear notes so that the second sleeve might have a fighting chance of matching it!! Always supposing of course that I actually do what I have written down!
I'm seeing the father of the child this is planned for next week, so ideally I'd like it blocked and finished off by mid week, my plan is to do the front and back tomorrow evening, the sleeves on saturday evening and the finishing off on Sunday evening, but we've all made plans like that haven't we??

And here we have sock 2 finished of the five I was hoping to finish before I started knitting the cable and rib tunic twice (one wrong then once right) rather than the standard once each piece. I'm still hoping I might manage the 5, but it will be close, especially if I keep losing bus knitting time on overcrowded buses full of strange people.


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