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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Olympic preparation and twin socks

Preparation for the Olympics has been taking place, this is complete with a guesstimated schedule to ensure that I can finish by the closing ceremony. I have alll the yarn out of my stash, I have the pattern copied so I don't have to keep the book out. I have my schedule with every row listed and the pattern row listed - I'm not good at 'seeing' where cables belong until I'm some distance into the pattern and my schedule doesn't allow for frogging! I've done my swatch and worked out my gauge, I have my blessed short needles for doing sleeves on so I'm all set for Friday.

Look - the start of identical twin socks - I've never managed this as well - I'm just crossing my fingers that the ball stays as consistant as it has been so far! It really isn't a colourway where you can 'not' try for identical as it is so pronounced a stripe pattern.

The pair of this will be much more of a problem, the other side of this sock is below. The yarn was sent as a free bonus from a delightful supplier, there is a picture somewhere of the skeins as they arrived. The yarn is dyed consistently but I can't 'see' the pattern and I need a mirror image twin, not an identical twin. This side has a superb zig zag which after the decreaases for the gusset seems to have moved to the top of the foot, even if I had a mirror image that wouldn't work as the second zizgzag would then be under the foot!

The other side of the sock is almost, but not quite plain, after all my whinging about pooling I find this yarn quite acceptable, I think this goes beyond pooling, and it was free! It's knitting up very thick and warm - I'm enjoying knitting with it, partly I think because I get to look and see where the coloured bits will go, and I know no one else will have socks quite like these! The heel flap has pretty single row stripes which has worked well too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,

The cream, red and blue socks are interesting looking..err I sort of suspected I could never get identical socks from this so I passed it on to you :-)


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