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Monday, February 13, 2006

Pride that goeth before a fall?

This is what remains of the back of the tunic, if you look closely at the picture yesterday you will see what I didn't - that the cable wasn't central! Even when I recast this on tonight I got it wrong and had to get out my trusty crochet hook! I now have about 5 rows done, but Blogger won't upload the picture of its sorry state. I can hardly blame it!

Sorry Melissa and Daisy, after your praise I've just demonstrated my inability to count to 6!

In other news, we sorted out the new VCR and successfully proved that it wasn't the old VCR that had died but the SCART cable connecting it to the TV, that is one very very expensive SCART cable! As today is clearly intent on giving me a reality check (or a good kicking) I shall go to bed very soon for safety!


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