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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Pacific North West shawl, growing very very slowly, but according to my spreadsheet this is row 70 and nearly 17% of the main shawl. I told you it would look like seaweed but I thought a picture of this would make a change from pictures of partly knitted socks. Moving it onto a circular needle became neccessary, but I don't like it, the stitches aren't always easy to slide back onto the points and sometimes get tangled across each other, it does avoid the weight of the straight needles from pulling out when you are down to the last few stitches though.

It's surprised me how straightforward it is, not easy but as long as I concentrate and keep counting it's fine. One more row of seagulls left then I get to learn a new pattern!I treat this as my reward knitting, I've a deep loathing for housework so I treat myself to lace knitting, so I suppose the slow progress is an indication of how little housework I've done lately!

I have spent some time today drooling over the seed and plant catalogues that arrived yesterday, I have a very small shared garden but dreams that would fit the gardens of a stately home. They have an entire section of black and deep red plants that I would love to have, but can't see them fitting in here, nor am I sure my neighbour would be that keen, I guess I'll be sticking with the usual Busy Lizzies etc


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