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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lack of knitting

There's not been much knitting yesterday and today, just what I could do on the bus to a couple of socks, so I'm giving you my amaryllises (is that the plural?) they took forever to germinate and have wound up stunted, I think I may end up with a very short stemmed plant!

I won't be updating this blog on Thursday as I'll be otherwise occupied, back on Friday in readiness for the Olympic opening ceremony.

I've decided which yarn to use for my first attempt at Jaywalkers Socks - this will be it, the next sock I cast on will be a jaywalker, but that will be a few days away as I have many socks started but none of them are approaching the toe yet.

We finally had some sun today - thank goodness, I'm about at the end of my tether with this winter, I get progressively more and more miserable as it continues and more and more tetchy so a day of sunshine is a real help, it augments my light box and make sme much safer to be around!


Blogger Fred said...

I had amaryllises 2 years ago and I found that they started out like yours but they soon sprouted and grew and flowered so be patient.

12:03 am GMT  

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