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Saturday, February 18, 2006

The home straight?

Both sleeves completed and although I realise that I should block the blessed thing etc etc I'm tempted to finish it off and see what it looks like, It has come out pretty even and the pieces that should bs the same size by some miracle actually are - lets face it, I'm kidding no one here, I can't face the idea of blcoking it!

Herewith the sock progress, of the last 3 socks I'm aiming to finish I have one on the foot and one at the heel gusset stage, I'm becoming cautiously optimistic that I'll be finished. Much speedy bad tempered knitting has been done today caused by the Postal Service failing to redeliver the packages I rang up for yesterday - if it turns out that any of them contained small plants they wil be paying big time!


Blogger Sue said...

Looking good! Love the colours of the socks.

7:25 pm GMT  

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