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Thursday, December 29, 2005

When good yarn goes bad

We begin with Opal, no problem here except I can't be bothered to wind through the yarn to find the repeat so I have a totally non identical twin sock growing here - I can live with that, and I'd rather it be totally different than nearly the same!

This I love, nothing clever, it's heather twist colorway of some Australian sock yarn, it's not as soft as the merino but still nice, splits a bit but nothing outrageous and was much cheaper.

This is my latest Natural Dye Studio merino sock, the colourway is sugar plum and is gorgeous, knits up quickly and evenly, makes comfortable warm socks and the colours blend in and out of each other in a really nice way as far as I'm concerned. I've done almost a sock in 2 days this week including going to work, it really is speedy.

Here you see my problem, this is Fyberspates in pink grapefruit and look what it's gone and done, one half pink, nothing but pink and one half pink and yellow stripes that in these pics look brownish on my monitor, I can't change the number of stitches or it won't fit and even when I switched to the heel flap it hasn't improved.

I am not happy as it will have to be frogged at least to the cuff if not in it's entirety. Would adding a simple stitch pattern ior even a cable down each side change teh yarn consumption enough to move the colours or am I doomed to find a totally new sock pattern?

Back to happier yarn, on the right is a variegated skein of Opal, that I picked up on eBay, it seem sto be all the colours of the rainbow that are scatterring randomnly and happily. On the left is the beginning of my first bi coloured sock using Curious Yarn's candies colourway, I've done the cuff in the plain colour and now switched to the much more variegated colour - I'm liking this a lot!


Blogger Sue said...

Shame about the Fyberspates sock. I've been thinking about using that but now I'm not sure! Could you wind the yarn into 2 balls and alternate them? Not sure if it would work though.

What is the Australian merino sock yarn? I like the look of that and, being an ex-pat Aussie, I have friends in the right places!

8:49 pm GMT  
Blogger littlelixie said...

That's a lot of socks. To avoid the patterning thing I'd go with sue's suggestion and make two balls and do one or two rows in each and keep alternating. It's a bummer but otherwise it looks like vertical stripes or knit a baby garment. Love all the colours.

11:04 am GMT  
Blogger Daisy said...

What size needles are you using for the Curious sock yarn? I have some the same and was thinking of trying 2.5mm...

1:15 pm GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How bizarre about the sock yarn!Its absolutely not meant to do that! But weirdly with certain tensions sometimes it does. If you emial me with your details, I'll send you something else instead.

4:30 pm GMT  

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