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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hats and gloves

Firstly the glove - is not progressing due to the pattern saying 'to increaase the size add stitches in multiples of 4 and add one stitch to each finger' which was fine - I added 4 stitches, then the pattern saying 'pick up equal numbers of stitches from each side of the palm for the finger' Well hello there - I just added one stitch to each finger and now have an odd number to pick up equally from each side - how do you suggest I do that? I frogged the first finger and am now in contemplation mode.

In the mean time a friend who had a baby this summer rang and aranged a lunch time meeting on Tuesday, I hadn't planned on gifts for them this year as we've hardly been in contact so now I'm frantically knitting a hat for the baby as a good will gesture, this means the shrug has progressed no further though the hat is almost to the decreases, then I may have time for boottees and mitts to match but I somehow doubt it.

My addiction to sock wool continues, the purple colour here is Australian sock wool and the other more of the merino that I love - being as I'm a good girl it's still in it's skeins while I wrestle with hats and gloves - and Goddess help me - a pom pom to go on the top!

In other news, I cleared a sack of rubbish out of the office (spare bedroom) and hung a Christmas wreath in my living room window - at this rate that will be all I do for Christmas this year!. I do have another wreath and a tree and stuff, but not much time left to clear up and put them up so I may go for minimalist Christmas this year! My neighbour's 5 year old grand daughter was in floods of tears as she panicked about dressing up for everyone to see her in her school play then more tears when she decided none of her family would be there to take pictures - the joys of childhood!


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