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Monday, December 26, 2005

So, that was Christmas

This was Christmas at my mum's, my brother collected me and drove me there and back, I don't drive so it was that or I stayed at home. It was the first time I'd been out in nearly a week and it totally exhausetd me! Mum always collects a huge Christmas stocking of small gifts for me as you can see from the pile in this picture, she spoils me dreadfully on the basis that I'm her 'baby' The left hand pile is mine, the right hand one my brother's. We opened gifts, ate lunch then I fell asleep and then came home - if my Christmas's get much quieter I may as well not be there at all!

I have my Mum's permission to post this picture - one of my sister's has obviously decided that mum needs a yarn stash of her own and here is a contribution to it! Mum knits for charity mostly, jumpers and blankets mostly and seems to always end up knitting with left overs, now she has some nice yarn to knit with.

Sock yarn tastefully arranged in a bowl, all except the jade/turquoise is from the Natural Dye Studio, the jade is Fyberspates from Get Knitted. I've doen nothing but knit bit sof sock for the last few days, I'm not in the mood for anything complicated or large so socks are ideal and I have so much sock yarn I really do need to knit up some more of it.

And this is my favourite yarn so far, the Wild Foxglove from Fyberspates, I adored the colour and feel of this yarn and want LOTS more! I even feel the urge to cast on the second sock immediately rather than indulging in procrastination!

I hope you all had a good time this holiday season however you chose to spend it


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