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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Well - it's a hat

Although it's turned out more like a beret, doesn't have a bobble yet and is so stretchy it fits my neighbour's 5 year old grand daughter when it is meant for a 6-12 month old baby! I'm persisting with the pom pom but I'm seriously concerned that it'll cover the poor baby down to it's neck! I may just give up and arrive giftless, but I hate doing that.

I walked awy from it and did more of a sock, my therapy when the current knitting goes bad. I'm on my way to haveing 3 pairs of merino socks for myself as I'ev started the second sock of teh thits pair now, and I'm reknitting the cosmic scarf that had dropped stitches in that I couldn't pick up, 1 ball reknitted, 2 to go. Back to work tomorrow so that will mean sock knitting on the bus and returning to the problematic gloves the rest of the time. I'm decided, I'll have to alternate which side of the palm that I pick up the odd stitch from, I'll just have to hope that works!


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