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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas is coming if you're ready or not!

Firstly, anyone who wants to know where I got the mugs from can find them here, the supplier was incredibly quick, they arrived really well bubble wrapped and I think are good quality, stoneware.
Secondly, the Christmas knitting, I finished the scarf fro my friend's mum and have decided that tomorrow I'll see if I can refind the glove pattern and print it off, if not I'll have to start again as I've mislaid the page with the fingers on (not that it was a huge amount of help but it was at least a starting point!. I've started wrapping up what I have ready and it looks pretty respectable so I'm resigned to doing what I can and then wrapping the progress so far and handing it over! Thanks for the words of encouragement Daisy!

I had high hopes of decorating my Christmas tree and carrying on with clearing up the flat, but this latest incarnation of the cold has got into my ears with the result that anytime I move or stand up I become dizzy, this is not good, I have also developed a cough like a sea lion. This does mean that I have had to sit and do what I think of as mindless knitting, I finished the potato chip scarf although it was rathger tedious and too short, I added tassels but don't feel 100% happy with it, I'll find a small child to give it too then it won't be too short!

I also finished this, this is an Opal sock in the pink sugared almond colourway, the pattern supplied with Opal which I am following religiously for the first pair (which is why I haven't finished the second one even nowbecause it doesn't fit me) I've altered it to fit me properly with this sock and it's almost right, possibly a wee bit short in the foot so I'm trying to decide whether or not to frog it back to the toe shaping and do a few more rows, it really is only a matter of maybe 4 or 5 rounds if that so I may not, I'll think about it while I work on the second red/blue merino sock, I love the yarn I've been using for these, it also comes from an eBayer here, I knit it on 3mm needles for comfy socks for wearing around the flat, although I can wear them in trainers too.
Now to prove I'm really organised I have a grocery delivery booked for Wednesday evening and must go and amend it for what I want - I placed the order the day they released this weeks slots to make sure I got one!


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