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Thursday, December 22, 2005

How much sock yarn do I need?

Now, I know that is a silly question, it's like asking questions about 'too much chocolate', but as it takes me about a week to knit a sock as I never just knit a pair of socks, I always have something else (or several something elses) on the go, at a conservative estimate I have enough sock yarn to keep knitting socks for the next 2 years at least. This did not stop me when someone mentioned that Get Knitted had some Fyberspates sock yarn reduced.

I might not have gone for it, but I had just started knitting this, a sock in Fyberspates Wild Foxglove, I'm loving it - the feel and the colour is gorgeous and almost taking my mind off my cough! I did show restraint, merely bought enough yarn in 2 colourways for 2 pairs of socks!
(only half of this purchase is on display - I don't want it to look as if I'm setting up a sock yarn mountain)

This restraint would have been more admirable had this not also arrived from Curious Yarns together with some truly gorgeous stitchmarkers.

The large flowery ones look heavy but are really light and beautiful. It's well worth clicking on this picture to see it bigger!

Also, these purchases on eBay! 2 sorts of Opal, one is Dream catcher and the other Prismas, the single colour is Patons Kroy, then there is Regia Marrakech and a ball of Sockini Colori!

Daisy, you asked about the wool I made the red/blue socks in, it's from The Natural Dye Studio I must be spending too much money there - they sent me a Christmas card! if you look back in the blog you'll see I've used the same supplier for the apple blue socks and the blue forest socks. This is what I had left from each 100g. I should point out I have wide UK size 7 feet with ankles that tend to swell so I made these socks using 3mm DPN's, used the Opal sock pattern, casting on 60 stitches but shortening the leg to 25 rows to make ankle socks. I plan stripe socks or mittens with the reside at some point, I keep a separate bag for left overs depending on the sock yarn type. The wool is pure merino and has washed beautifully in Woollite. I call these my comfort socks - mostly worn around the flat in the evenings and at weekends instead of slippers.

The yarns all arrived this week, part of my self determined cure for the common cold, which is not going away, I'm feeling pretty rubbish, washing 2 pairs of socks left me exhausted and coughing and it now looks highly unlikely that I will do anything this Christmas except spend it at home feeling sorry for myself as I don't feel up to travelling even as far as my mum's - she has promised to send me Christmas dinner on a plate!


Blogger Daisy said...

Hope you feel better soon!
Ironically I got my first delivery from the Natural Dye Studio yesterday! Not yarn, but dyed cotton rag rug thingies in their sale as I'm on a rag rug making course in January.

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