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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Did someone mention Christmas?

I met my friend yesterday, her baby was most well behaved, not a squeek out of her, I'm not heavily into babys although I don't mind knitting for them and I will make her something in the new year as I was clearly never going to achieve anythong more than the outsize hat before Christmas!

I've made zero progress on the shrug and the gloves, although I have now worked out how to cope with the odd numbers of stitches on the glove, my second red/blue sock is at the heel flap pstage and the pink Opal sugared almond sock is almost to the toe shaping, I'm not liking the Opal sock, I've enlarged the pattern so that it fits me but now I suspect I've enlarged it too far.

This weekend knitting will definitely have to take a back seat while I make room for the Christmas tree and get it decorated, sort out and wrap all the gifts I have so far and panic over anyone I may have forgotten. I've nearly finished writing/posting all the Christmas cards except for my neighbours so I'm close to ready for Christmas I suppose, but not feeling an iota of Christmas spirit!.


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