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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I'm off work nursing a nasty cold and cough with a head that feels as if it contains nothing but cotton wool, in the brief periods of being awake I finished this, it's smaller than the ones I've made for gifts and intended for keeping warm rather than glamour!
For some reason this picture has come out blurry - I really must find (and read) the manual for it. I've had the camera 12 months now so I suppose it is just about time I learnt how it works. I don't feel comfortable just pressing random buttons to see what happens!

The only other thing I've achieved is this, I started the thumb gusset on the first glove then decided my head wasn't ready to deal with anything complicated which is why the shawl got finished - I've made so many I really can't mess up and knotting fringe is mindless work anyway.

I'm off to put myself back to bed with a nice hot whisky and lemon in hopes that tomorrow my brain may function if not my lungs!


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