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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Now that's what I call red!

This, if my eyes don't protest too much, will be a shrug, I'm adapting a pattern for Eskimo to use Elle Plume and I'm not sure how well it wil turn out yet. It's in response to a request from someone so this is the only picture that will be seen until it's finished! It's one of the only 2 Christmas gifts I planned that I haven't finished yet so I'm happy! I may get more things done, but there are none I'm committed to.

I can't afford more of the expensive wool I used for the other shawls I made, so this is mine, 3 strands of different yarns twisted together, pale pink, dark pink and purple, I bought it from soemone on eBay, and I think it's going to work out quite well and cost me around a half of the price of the expensive yarn!

I'm trying to decide what to make with this - I have 620g of this, a mix of aqua slub mohair, silky acrylic in aqua, wave effect acrylic in aqua and lurex thread in turquoise, it's very soft and pretty, and I think need to be something pretty and maybe lacey.

Daisy, in reply to your comments about the Bolton wool shop, I'm not looking for somewhere fancy, where I live there is a small wool stall in the market and that is all, I don't like shopping in Manchester so somewhere selling ordinary wool rather than the fancy stuff I get online would be useful.


Blogger Daisy said...

Oh good - sounds like you'll love the Bolton wool shop then - as it's stuffed full of the everyday type of yarn! Enjoy yourself!

6:28 pm GMT  

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