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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Acting like a grown up

Despite the fact that I have a new computer game to play on I've been acting like a grown up! I started this, the world's dullest colour of glove for my brother - and yes, I know it looks like a sock at present, but I promise you it isn't!
I did finish another eylash yarn scarf yesterday and sewed the ends in on two of them, I don't see much point in taking a picture of another lilac and blue scarf for you to see when you've already seen one liek it. Eventually there will be one more if I don't set fire to the remains of it out of boredom. I also didn't take a picture or teh second red china sock, it is cast on and ready for knitting on the bus and my purple fluffy shawl is growing, I've started fringing it as I go along which always gives me a lift and means I don't have it all to do at the end. I'm plannning on keeping it in the office for the freezing cold mornings that precede the boiling hot afternoons in winter.

Here's the other sock that is currently making progress, this is my attempt at adapting the Opal sock pattern to fit my wide feet and big ankles, at teh moment I have a bad feeling it may be coming out too loose, but as it's only an ankle sock it isn't the end of the world. I want to get the pattern right before I knit up my Opal tiger yarn, pink isn't my favourite colour which is why this one is being used for experimenting with.

In the non knitting news I've been busy making soup to freeze now that I have an almost empty freezer!


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