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Friday, December 02, 2005

Progress and possible hiatus!

Here's a good reason for a possible hiatus in the knitting, my treat to myself at the end of a pretty rubbish week, it ended up with my neighbour going to stay with her daughter because she was feeling poorly, my Mum not coming over because she was waiting for a parcel, the Post Office sticking a 'sorry you were out' card through my door when I've been in (and awake) all day, what can I say? It's winter and the world is definitely out to get me!

I have registered my dispute with Paypal over an ebay seller who doesn't supply goods and ignores all communication, we'll see how effective that is! it was only for about £12 but still annoying, but the first problem I've ever had. I've never had a seller just ignore every comunication.
Here we see another completed sock, this is called red china by the dyer, and is another merino sock, in my pair of socks for every day of the week crusade! I'm going to cast on it's mate in an effort to avoid second sock syndrome although i do have a pair of glove sthat must get cast on again soon, they first glove was cast on once today but then I messed it up and frogged it. Slate grey/blue is not my idea of a fun colour - but he wouldn't touch anything girly with a long stick! I don't think I'd risk brighter than dark burgundy and even that would be a gamble.

I'm in the process of inventing a woolly hat, I'm not sure if this going to work out - it doesn't show in this picture but the middle is very nearly producing a nipple effect on the top of it, I don't have a pattern for this yarn, a single ply hand spun that I got from somewhere or other, variegated shades of vivid pink. It's all an eexperiment and will probably block out OK, I can't follow hat patterns because of the amount of hair i have to fit inside a hat! It has of course got much warmer here now I've begun a winter hat!

This is laceweight, 50% silk/45% cashmere and 5% microfibre, it's pinker than this picture looks, and I have 1800 yards of it, it's soft and silky and is the sort of yarn that you just have to stroke! I'm not sure what it will become yet but I love it!

Now, I'm off to install Civ 4 on my PC and pray that it runs OK although I realise I should knit instead, normal knitting service will be resumed later (possibly much later although I will try and do some this weekend)


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