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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Second sock syndrome? not me!

Please note that I have finally overcome second sock syndrome, the second variegated blue sock purely awaits the grafting of the toe - something I can only do in daylight when I'm really wide awake!
This is another pair of ankle socks in pure merino bought from someone on eBay, I love the first pair I made from this yarn and have cast on the first sock of the next pair - I couldn't resist even though I have other things to do - I tell myself that with a bad winter forecast I will need more than 2 pairs of good socks!

The second sock of this pair has finally made progress - I'm struggling to finish them as they won't fit me - but I'm determined now to get the wretched thing finished - I've finished the leg and done the heel flap today - tomorrow I may get on with the foot - but don't hold your breath!
Once this is finished I'll be ready to adapt the pattern and start knitting the rest of the Opal yarn that I have - I can't wait to have tiger striped socks to wear!

This is the only completed thing this week, a scarf made out of one skein of Nimbus. the other skein will hopefull go to trim a hat and gloves to match - but that will have to wait as well, I far to many other things to do first. Despite the size of my stash I have nothing suitable to match with the Nimbus, I'm hoping to take a trip to the wool shop Daisy found in Bolton, I may find something suitable there.

I'm bad at replying to comments on my blog but I do want to thank Daisy for her congratulations - they're appreciated!


Blogger Daisy said...

Don't get TOO excited about the Bolton wool shop! It is big and it does have a lot of yarn, but none of the more interesting/expensive yarns. But you probably would find something you liked there - also look out for the Monkey (just like mine!). He was sitting on one of the shelves in the middle when I was there.

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