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Monday, November 21, 2005

Speed shawls

Now, I freely admit that this shawl is a quick and easy knit, but I cast it on Friday night and cast it off tonight - I'm very pleased with myself as I had it pencilled in for every evening this week, this is good news for all my other WIP's which have now moved up the to do list more rapidly than I expected. I'm still knitting eyelash yarn scarves on the bus to and from work, they're easy and need little concentration and I'm bound to find homes for them as everyone who sees them seems to want at least one! It was lucky I was knitting something cosy yesterday - I finally admitted defeat and turned the heating on, only to find a valve was stuck and nothing happened. After a certain amount of hysterical ranting I rang my brother who advised switching it on and off several times to see if it unstuck - on the 8th attempt it worked but I was so hot and bothered by it all I no longer felt cold!

This is the other finished scarf from last week - it's so long eyelashed I just did garter stitch - mind numbing but quick! I'm now working on my nimbus scarf - that's quick and easy, another eyelash scarf and I'm going to revert to the very first second sock in brown cream and blue - I'm determined that pair of socks wil be finished this month! At the weekend I will start the shrug again and cast on my brother's gloves, I'm all re-energised by the shawl I think but I do want to go back to some knitting with a pattern to follow!

In non knitting news I saw my physio for the last time and she had me do a couple of fitness tests - only easy things for the unfit overweight people but I was pleased. I did them last about 8 weeks ago, a minute each of step ups and sitting on a chair and standing up over and over. The steps had increased from 23 to 28, but the 'sit-stands' was up from 19 to 27, I was extremely happy with this - it's hard to judge if you're improving from day to day or week to week, this was a real measure of improvement and encouragement. Good timing as I see my Dr on Thursday for the results of all the tests she sent me for and this has given me some confidence I can demonstrate improved fitness and health.


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