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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Socking it to you!

I still can't bring myself to finish the brown an dcream sock, mostly, I suspect because it won't fit me when it's finished. I have, however cast on the other variegated blue sock and reached the heel flap - I love this yarn, bought on ebay, I have a stash of other skeins of this merino yarn that I intend making up for my own benefit during the forecast cold winter we expect. The slight problem I have is making them cuff down I still haven't quite worked out how long I can make the legs, currently I'm adding 5 rows each version until I get it right - the remains of each ball will eventually go to make either baby socks for friends who have them or silly socks for me or even sillier gloves!

Next on the sock producing list will be this yarn, I can't wait to play with it, I'm planning that in future rather than always having a scarf on the go for bus journeys I'll have a constant procession of socks, as I have enough sock yarn to keep me occupied just on socks for the next 12 months! My nimbus scarf is almost complete I think - one skein seems to do a scarf although I'm debating making a hat and gloves in plain brown and adding trim made of the nimbus - I think that will leave me with left over yarn to lengthen the scarf, so I may leave it on a spare needle instead of casting off until I attempt the other project. I'm still plodding along with the eyelash yarn scarves, they're suitably mind numbing and easy for tired moments. I,m steadily working my way through all the balls of eyelash I got cheap on ebay, stash reduction after a fashion, although as fast as I knit it I seem to add new yarn faster.

Tomorrow I see my Dr to find out the results of all the tests she had done on me, I'm not looking forward to this, I'm 40+ and overweight, do enough tests and you are bound to find something wrong!


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