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Saturday, November 19, 2005

A frogging we will go!

No pictures tonight, the shrug started then stopped then vanished back into a ball of yarn, it obviously needs coaxing to reappear as knitting! The Nimbus scarf grew and grew then I discovered that with only 20 stitches cast on I'd managed to mislay 4 of them, so that is now back to where it was last night. In desperatoin I've cast on the final mohair shawl of the year as I really know how to knit that and alternated between that and another infamous eyelash yarn scarf as being the only things I was apparently safe to be let loose on.

I did go out in the freezing cold and remove the dead nasturtiums from the garden - they'd survived until Thursday's cold snap when they froze, defrosted and went limp, I also made another loaf of bread in the bread machine - brown bread with sunflower seeds - very nice.

Today has felt like a complete waste of time despite the things I did get done, so I'm taking myself to bed with a book and will see if Sunday is any better, I think I may finally have to give in and turn the heat on tomorrow, unlkess I can think of something to bake in which case the oven will warm the living room and I don't mind the bedroom cold, I have 2 duvets!


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