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Friday, November 18, 2005

Pictures at last

The blue shawl, finished and the last of these shawls for my mum to give to my eldest sister and her daughters, I've made this 4 times so far, one more to go for my neighbour - it was going to be for me, but I'm wildly overspent so she will pay me for the wool and I know she'll enjoy it. I've cast it on and done just a few rows as I'd like to finish it by Christmas but it isn't promised for then. I'm definitely going to have a go at making this for myself in a yarn I bought on ebay that is made up of several shades of purple/lilac twisted together, the ones I've been doing are 2 strands of slightly thicker yarn used togather so I think it will work and I should have enough for 2 for the same price as one of the originals. Luckily I do like purple as well so it's a winner all the way, one for me and one to give away at some point!
The next but 2 to the last of the Christmas scarves - or so I thought! i realised that although we had gifts for one of my sisters and her daughters we had done nothing for my other sister or her daughters. I have no intention of doing anything for my sister - I have no contact with her at all and have no intention of doing so again, but her 2 daughters both take the time to stay in touch with my mum so although I can't produce 2 more shawls for them I can at least make them a scarf each for her to send to them. Luckily I have enough of the eyelash yarns in each of the colourways to be able to do that for them. I just cast off the next to the last scarf - it just needs the ends sewing in before I take a picture of it so I reckon I can manage the extra 2 scarves - just knitting on the bus I can do almost a scarf a week so that's not a problem.

What is more of a problem - or could be is the new sock yarn from curious yarns - such a good idea, 75 g of variegated yarn with 25 g of solid yarn for toes and heels - I love the colourways, you can see some of them in this picture, with the scarf I just started in Kaalund Nimbus - which I will kill to keep - I swear this one is for me! What may at least slow me down is finding a non toe up pattern for a sock with a different colour heel or a toe up pattern that I like the look of (conveniently overlooking the fact that the cuff down pattern terrified me witless at first glance)
I stongly suspect that yet another pair of socks wil be started shortly despite all my vows to finish the 2 pairs I have started, what can I say? I'm not just obsessed with yarn, I'm fickle too!

The material is made up of velvet to use in patchwork, Christmas fabric for wrapping the pomanders in when they are dry, and the black with spiders webs and the irridescent fabric, just 'because' I fell in love with them. The red net will be used in Christmas projects or wrappings in some way that hasn't yet crystallised in my mind.

Finally some mohair that I want to use to make something for my mum, I'm just not sure what yet! It doesn't feel TOO itchy so it may go into a light wide scarf/stole concoction, she's very fair skinned with silver/white hair so I think it will look good.


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