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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another one done!

I'll have to add pictures tomorrow as it's definitely my bedtime! I finished another scarf - 2 more left to do and one of them is close to completion. I've also worked on the blue shawl, I've gone back and addded fringe as far as I've got and reckon I have at most another 10 rows to do to finish.

I'm reaching the point where I can see me finishing all the Christmas gifts that need to travel to their recipients by the end of November leaving me with a couple for local family and friends and an opportunity to finish some of the UFO's.

This was my plan of attack only yesterday
1) 3 scarves - this is down to 2 and will be 1 by the end of the weekend
2) 1 shawl this will be finished this weekend but I've promised to make another for my neighbour so will cast it on immediately or it just won't happen - I've made nearly 4 of these so far, the fifth will be the last unless I make myself one out of some cheaper yarn I got on ebay that I think may work OK.
3) 1 brown/cream sock - this can be done on the bus once I've done the heel shaping and gussets, so I'm aiming to do that as well this weekend (starting to sound a bit ambitious yet?)
4) 1 blue multi sock (second sock syndrome struck) I found the second ball of yarn, just need the first sock so the sizes match and I can start, maybe I should wait until the other second sock is done though??
5) gloves for brother - he drew round his hand for me so I can get a rough idea of finger length etc, I'm plan to knit a test swatch at the beginning of next week and see how that goes.
6) the funky chunky sweater - it takes a day of a weekend to knit almost a sleeve, I have a part sleeve and a whole sleeve to do then the polo neck and finishing off, I'm reckoning that as one weekend's work
after that I need to go back through all my UFO's and see if there are any 'quick wins' sadly I think that is unlikely!

UFO's to get on with
1) the pink funky fur trimmed hoody - it only needs fur trim doing and sewing up, I'm aiming at that being done fairly soon too.
2)I have 4 clapotis in various stages of growth, I would like to finish one soon so may add that into my rotation soon.
3)I want to do more work on the lace snowdrop shawl as respite from eyelash yarn but that depends on getting some quiet evenings.

Things to start despite the UFO pile
1) A red fluffy shrug for a friend, so far none of the patterns I found are the gauge I expect to get from the yarn, I'm gonna swatch then do sums on tatty bits of paper many times over , then ask my mum so I can blame her if it goes 'orribly wrong. I'm not sure how anyone can count stitches and rows very well with eyelash yarn, but I can try!
2) Something for my mum, possibly out of some glittery and pastel mohair I scored on ebay although that may be rather itchy

In amongst all this I plan on using an old knitting needle to stab small oranges and stick cloves in the resulting holes - I'm gonna make pomanders now I have an airing cupboard to dry them in, failing that I'll put them in a row on my desk at work which is a perilously dry place. I also promised to help my neighbours granddaughter to make peppermint creams to give as gifts, I have soem velvet bits to make into patchwork and some net to make into a frilly underskirt and I'm sure many other commitments that temporarily escape me!


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