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Friday, November 18, 2005

Broken promises

I promised you pictures yesterday and they never happened, I have however pictures sat in my digital camera that really will appear tonight, not 1 but 2 FO's as the blue shawl is finished and some glorious new sock yarn and some rather nice fabric for some patchwork I have in mind.

Two more scarves and one pair of gloves to go - although I daresay I'll find other Christmas knits to make yet!

I have an idea of listing all my stash and linking everything with its intended project, I supect it may take rather a long time and not be of much use to me, this may not stop me though!

I also have in mind learning to make a soup that isn't chicken vegetable and pearl barley flavoured as I've been living on it almost exclusively for the last 2 -3 weeks. We did test my bread machine yesterday with a certain amount of success - I bought it years ago and accidentally threw away the instructions with the packing (or so I guess as I've never seen them) as a result I have no idea how it works and so tested it with a bread mix that didnt say 'suitable for bread machines' this may explain why it seemed rather heavy. I may start baking bread by hand as I used to, especially now I live somewhere warmer, I stil haven't had the heating on this winter and I'm NOT wearing my coat around the place despite temperatures of minus 3 this week.


Anonymous mwalton said...

Bread is great for warming up the house..but I almost always cheat and use a breadmaker. Way to go on all of the completed projects! I'm thinking about it and might have to make some bread the breadmaker of course ;)

3:12 pm GMT  

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